djo sept 6 With the floor and walls completed, we were ready to move onto the roof.
We had lots of help as many Kita Kaze students showed up to assist. This is Robyn Findlater putting some extra nails in the plywood siding.
trusses on floor The trusses were all built on the floor through the late summer and stacked against the wall. Here we are ready to hoist them up to the inverted hanging position
robyn and cord The trusses are stacked up on the left of this photo with the pointy ends down. The gable end is up. Cord Hamilton, the engineer on the right, organized the host of people on the walls and floor to flip the trusses right side up.
nailing trusses With the trusses up, we moved quickly to nail the ends in place. This flattering shot shows us in action.
south wall with trusses South wall with trusses in place. The long 2x4 hanging out the left side of the doorway was used to flip the trusses and raise them into place.
fascia Nailing on the fascia
maureen nails plywood Maureen Moore nails the first of the plywood onto the trusses to form the deck of the roof.
The next three photos show the sheeting going on. We used 3/8 plywood because it was much lighter to carry in.
And a little more closed in.
Almost done.
Here is Helene standing in the northeast corner. Suddenly, it is starting to look like a building.
This is near the end of the day, September 30, 2002.
Here is the northwest corner that day.
Here is Maureen putting the last nail in the roof.
Sensei Ken Maneker came out for a visit October 4th. It was a rainy, cold day but there was almost no leakage.
October 16, the day before it snowed, we had the roll roofing finished. This is the west wall.
Here is the fine back door I build out of scraps of plywood. It was supposed to be temporary but, in 2006, it is still there.
Here we are October 16, 2002, pretty well buttoned up and closed to the weather. This is the southwest corner.
The northwest corner. I ran out of plywood and ended up using a scrap of coroplast to cover that last bit in the gable end.