End of the Summer

Foolishly, I thought the floor was almost done last year. But this spring, even more gaps had opened between the boards. It was a rush to get even part of the floor finished before Sensei Holmes arrived in May. Then it was a push to finish before Maneker Sensei came in June.

The strips were glued into the gaps and planed. Then the whole floor was rough then fine sanded with a belt sander. Thanks to Rick Ward, the generator kept running save for a week or so when I tried to set the genny shed on fire by leaving the door closed, blocking the exhaust. Flames were shooting out! Helene and Joelle put Varathane on the first part of the floor, and I did the last quarter. What a relief to get that on. Of course, then you see all the gaps you somehow missed filling.

After June, work moved to the outside where I got tar paper on the building with the help of Mervin Harper. Then came the never ending task of painting all sides of the boards for the siding. We did 1x6 boards with 1x4 battens. With bears and wind doing their best to take the paper off, we were anxious to get the boards on if only to keep our papering job from being undone. Helene, Andy and I all had long, long days of painting. Then, just prior to our Thank You party on August 1st, Andy and I got most of the south wall boarded. It looks mighty fine. The temperature in the dojo hit +42 that day!

The first part of the floor finished and ready for training in May.



Helene putting the first coat of Varathane down on the floor.

Phoenix August 09

The dojo in August. It suddenly looks like a real building.

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