Tweak Week
June 3-8, 2007

Two days after the last report, all the trusses were up. This was wicked hard work with just the three of us (Maureen Moore, Wayne Fromme and Rob). Late afternoon on Sunday, June 3rd, I had to leave and Wayne and Maureen got the remaining half the trusses up on their own. Heroic!

As we all had other work commitments, we really only had Thursday and Friday of the following week out at the dojo. The time was spent making sure the truss structure was square and straight and making the preparations for the metal roofing. The fascia boards went on, ladders on the gable ends, half the strapping for the metal and two rounds of plywood sheeting.

Once again, "General" Maureen Moore made it happen and Gunter Glaeser and Wayne Fromme lent their considerable skills to the project



Trusses hung like bats ready to be flipped up into place

Rob and Gunter putting on the ladder. We felt like a high wire act. No net though.

Wayne gets the second round of plywood on the east wall.