End of the Summer
September 7, 2008

Progress has not been spectacular this summer on the Phoenix dojo. But that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of work done. The main effort went into the floor. After a few months of ice and water sitting on it, the tongue and groove pine was severely damaged. I had to make a judgement call: tear it up or repair it. Since tearing it up meant buying new flooring and hauling it all in again, I opted to try repairs. Six months later, I am wondering if I made the right choice.

The task didn't look insurmountable in the spring and, in fact, the floor wasn't bad to train on when Sensei Andy Holmes was here for the seminar in May. We had to wear shoes, but it wasn't too bad. Throughout the summer, however, as the floor dried, the cracks became wider and more numerous. Long story short, I spent the entire summer shaping and gluing thin strips of wood into the cracks in an effort to make the floor whole again.

We also got some housekeeping stuff done like putting up the soffits and hanging doors. Helene is staining boards preparatory to putting up the board and batten siding. Gunter Glaser came out with his friend Udo and did most of the work installing the chimney and the nifty triangle window in the north wall. And my brother Don did the most amazing job of tidying all the messy piles of old dojo materials. It is a delight to the eye.

I am planning to sand the floor before winter and maybe get a start on insulating the walls. I think we have lost the window of opportunity to paint or varnish the floor. Oh well. Next year, eh?

I did get this fabulous back porch built this spring as well.

Here I am planing and gluing strips of wood. Fascinating, eh?

This is a long view of the dojo from South Ridge for those who have never been out there.

Helene resting on the Teslin Bridge timber bench. One of the wood strips sticking up from a crack. The new triangle window and the stove.