May 5, 2007

We had a beautiful day for the Crowbar Crew. In all, 15 people tramped in through the snow (yes, snow in May) to clean up the mess left by the collapse of Kazekan. The crew included Kita Kaze students, former Kita Kaze students and friends who just wanted to help out.

Without much prompting, everyone sorted themselves into crews and got to work. There were crews for taking things apart, crews for removing nails and people who did a bit of everything. Neighbour Doug Davidge started taking trees down to allow the helicopter to come in. Rick Ward stripped and cleaned the generator so we can maybe use air tools this time. Helene kept us all supplied with food, water, and coffee as well as working on almost every aspect of the job. Peter Deer, Rick Ward and Cord Hamilton proved to be a formidable wrecking crew, especially with Cord's heavy duty wrecking bar. Valerie Fromme, Fay Tangermann, Dave Neufeld, Andrew Neufeld, Scott Osborne and Leah Greenway probably pulled 10,000 nails amongst them. Wayne Fromme showed up all over cutting trees, pulling apart the roof, bagging insulation and pulling nails. Angel Dunlop was the first on the site and also did just about everything. Although she arrived a little later, Joelle Ingram also went where needed and did a lot of tricky lag bolt removal.

Everyone brought something to the potluck lunch so we were well fuelled.

After six hours, we were done. As Leah said "It doesn't look like a disaster anymore. It looks like a construction site." The next morning, it looked like something else again. You can click here for the photos.


Here is what we started with. Cord Hamilton and Peter Deer hold up a section of wall while Rick Ward undoes the lag bolts holding the 2 x 10 top plate to the log pillar.

The Crowbar Crew. l to r: Rick Ward, Wayne Fromme, Angel Dunlop, Peter Deer, Scott Osborne, David Neufeld, Andrew Neufeld, Valerie Fromme, Cord Hamilton, Doug Davidge, Lean Greenway, Helene Dobrowolsky. Rob ingram is taking the picture and Joelle Ingram and Fay Tangermann were not in the picture.

The site at the end of the day.