Phraming Week
May 28-31, 2007

With all the materials on site, the big push begins to get the framing up and a roof on. As you can appreciate, this is a major undertaking. I want it done right so Maureen Moore came to take charge of the operation.

The week started off with a sort of depressing Monday. Much of Maureen's day was spent trying to figure out how to square the building from a not square foundation. In the middle of the day, the generator quit. I am not the world's best mechanic but I spent the whole day trying to figure out what went wrong.

Tuesday morning, Gunter Glaeser arrived to help. Gunter is a cabinet maker by profession and has built everything from tent frames to entire museum exhibits that fit into three boxes. It was great to have him on site. The rain started at breakfast and was still coming down at noon. To make the day even more dreary, the generator still wasn't working. After lunch, I thought to try cleaning the spark plug. The generator started, the compressor ran, the air nailer was in use, the sun came out, and framing went into high gear. By the end of the day, the first section of the east wall was up.

The next day, Wayne Fromme came out to help. Wayne is Yukon born and raised, and worked as a carpenter for many years. He has an emotional investment in the cabin and its various buildings having spent his honeymoon here. With Wayne and Maureen working together, and me cutting and fetching, things really boomed along. We were aided by Mervin Harper and Judy Boyko who came out to do some much needed heavy lifting and shifting of materials. Cheryl Buchan also proved invaluable. She has the great ability to be where she is needed and, being a caterer amongst other things, produced coffee, snacks and lunch like magic. This all made the day go very smoothly.

Wednesday night, Helene and Joelle came out bearing pizza and cake for my birthday. What a treat! It's also a little dangerous carrying pizza through the woods this time of year as the bears are very active and hungry. Joelle said she had to smell the pizza all the way out in the car and there was no way some mere bear was going to deprive her of her pizza. She also produced the whipped cream by hand!

By the time we went into town Thursday afternoon, all the walls were up and the first round of plywood sheeting was nailed on.



Maureen and Gunter with the first section of wall

Wayne and Cheryl

Raising the South Wall