Eyes of the Phoenix
September 25, 2007

There has been a lot of puttering but no significant advances since the roof went on in June. I was away at iaido gasshuku and karate camp at the endo of July then we went on the road for a month in August. So much for the summer.

Once we were back and caught up on paying work, Wayne Fromme was able to give me a day to help get the windows in. When the old dojo collapsed, we only had two real windows in. These were recycled from an old building Maureen, our carpenter friend, was working on. They both broke. I picked up a bunch or reasonably good windows at the window recycler in town.

It was finicky work resizing the openings and cutting little teeny strips of plywood to cover over the gaps. The actually installation of the windows took a little over an hour. The Phoenix has eyes! Now for the doors and we are closed to the weather.

More pictures here.

Many of you have asked about the floor. The pile of lumber you see in the foreground in the picture on the right is weighing down one of the humps. I cut lengthwise along one of the humps and, with the weight, it flattened right out. So far, just putting weight on a hump has not worked. As for the rest, we will be sanding mightily in the spring to get rid of the ripples. Right now, you can work out on the floor in slippers or light shoes but it's not ready for bare feet.

Wayne Fromme examines the installed windows.