The Phoenix Coming Out of Hibernation
March 24, 2008

Many of you have very kindly asked how the Phoenix Dojo weathered the winter. So we went in on Easter weekend to find out. It has been a year since we discovered the dojo collapsed.

As many of you know, it is a bit of a challenge getting into the cabin much before May. If you are overnighting, you cannot leave your car on the side of the road. We have been officially warned! This year, to save our aching backs, we hired a neighbour (well he lives about 15km away) to plough out the driveway. There was too much snow for him to clear the actual parking area, but he did clear the driveway so we could get off the road.

The snow was sugary but packed pretty well so the snowshoe in was only a moderate slog. We got halfway across the lake ice when the overflow became a bit of a problem. For you southerners, this is where melt water leaks through the ice, seeps up under the snow, and creates a layer of water and slush. This can be inches or feet deep. It is really unpleasant to walk in, not to mention the danger of soaking and freezing your feet or accidentally finding the hole where the water seeped up from. We just headed for the woods.

Once we got in to the cabin, we found everything was fine. We didn't have near as much snow this year as last and what there was slid off the dojo roof. The inside is dry and welcoming.

The next job is doors to keep the bears out, then soffits to keep the bats out, and sealing around the windows to keep the mosquitoes out. While the floor settled pretty well, it is still humpy in spots and will need to be flattened and the whole of it sanded and refinished. But, as it stands now, we could train on half of it.

More pictures here.


Sun shining through the windows.