April 21, 2007

This was the beginning of bringing back the dojo. We had a few objectives this trip.

  • Check helicopter landing sites for both pick up and drop off
  • See what the snow conditions were like
  • Try to get as much snow and ice as possible off the pine floor

We didn't have much luck with the landing site. The nearest place to have materials delivered by the lumber company so that the helicopter can get in to pick it up is at Lewes Lake, about 8 km away. At the dojo end, we are going to have to clear about 30 trees so they have a clear run to the front of the dojo. At least it will improve the sight lines.

The snow is still two feet deep around the dojo and unlikely to melt to bare ground in a week. So we decided to put off the Crowbar Crew for another week and try for May 5th. There will likely still be snow in the woods, but we should get in without snowshoes and, more importantly, there will be dry ground for stacking salvaged material. Also, the crew won't get quite so soggy.

As for clearing the floor, we were quite proud of ourselves. As the day warmed up (it got to +10C), the melt under the ice allowed us to lift it off the floor in chunks. We broomed off the water and even did a little practice. Unfortunately, the floor is like a ripple chip. We hope when it dries it might flatten out again.

After we got the snow removed, we were also better able to examine what might be salvaged. Forget the trusses. They are pretty well all shattered. On the other hand, it looks like we can save a lot of the plywood.

We tarped up the floor and called it a day well spent.

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Snow conditions in the woods

Floor clear enough for kata