Roof On!
June 14-28, 2007

Since June 8th, there have been several days of adjusting the trusses, getting more plywood sheathing on and generally doing all the little jobs that need to be done to get ready for the roof.

We had a slight interruption in building while Sensei Andrew Holmes was here to give a weekend seminar on June 15 to 17. Sensei Holmes dearly loves it at Kazekan and was devastated to hear it had collapsed. He contributed his seminar fee to the reconstruction. Many thanks Sensei Holmes!

Despite his august position, we put Sensei Holmes to work on the Thursday before the seminar. The mosquitoes were hideous. They were actually worse inside the cabin than outside. No one slept very well that night.

Maureen Moore and Wayne Fromme arrived before us and were working at the roof. It had been raining and the generator suddenly quit. Getting it going again became the job of Sensei Holmes and myself. We suspected water in the gas so the tank had to be drained. Sensei Holmes works with generators in his power washing business so he took the first suck on the syphon hose. Well, he got a mouthful and had to spend much of the rest of the day swishing his mouth out with beer to get rid of the taste. Long story short, the spark plug was also fouled and we didn't get a replacement in until Sunday. THAT was a glorious day in which we saw only five mosquitoes.

After nearly a week of rest, Helene and I went out to put up some plywood and do some tidying. It was the day before Helene's birthday and we went on our annual flower hunt. We found over 52 species.

Then Gunter Glaeser came out on the 27. We completed the truss adjustments Maureen had directed and got to work on the metal roofing. This was a tricky job getting the 16 foot sheets onto the roof then having one person hold it in place while the other scrambled up the ladder, onto the trusses, then up to the peak to manoever the sheet into place. Then we punched holes and bolted it down. Of course, it rained for much of the two days making the job a little more dangerous and the black flies and mosquitoes both were out in force.

photos and rainy little movies .


This is first shower in a really rainy two days. You can see more movies in the photos

Gunter with the first three sheets of roofing on. The plywood on the left was a working platform to hold tools.

The roof all on except for the ridge cap.