End of the Summer

The big push this year was to get insulation in the dojo so we could extend the season, making it more comfortable to use in the cooler months. Last winter was particularly mild and I managed to get out every couple of weeks from the day after Boxing Day. Without insulation, the dojo was usable if it was warmer than about -6C, with the fire going of course. I have great hopes it will be even better with the insulation. Also, when it gets really hot out, the uninsulated dojo would get too hot to train. We found it to be much cooler this year once the insulation was in.

We couldn't start moving materials in until the lake thawed in the second week of May. Then we got a bunch of the Kita Kaze members together and did a big push to move in the 50 odd bats of Roxal and enough 1x4 and 1x6 to finish the board and batten on the outside of the building and to trim the ceiling.

To begin with, we ran string from truss to truss to hold the insulation in place. Then the batts went up. Then the plastic vapour barrier and, finally, the plywood panels. At the time of writing, not all the panels are up. This proved quite a chore. We only have step ladders and a narrow "scaffold" to work from. It was fine for one person but we needed three to get the panels on the ceiling. I had considerable help from Maureen Moore and Wayne Fromme for that part, but even they couldn't get it all done.

With events starting in mid-June, we had to clean up the work site and return it to being a dojo. Once the first event was over, we started putting up the panelling so it be a little more homey for the ShotoCanada seniors sleeping there in mid-July. The pine panelling was left over from the original dojo. Now we are back to where we were four years ago.

At this point, we have stopped with the interior panelling. We are out of materials and money. The board and batten on the outside will hopefully be finished before the snow flies. I need to get a roof over the back porch before the snow destroys it. Also, we badly need a place to store tools, shoes and gear that is NOT in the dojo.





This is the new Roxal going in. I ended up taking out the old bits of fibreglass insulation on the right. The squirrels didn't leave much of it intact. The "scaffold" is against the back wall.

Phoenix August 09

By mid-June, the insulation was in. This is Helene and I in our workin' clothes. The ceiling panels are painted and stacked on the right.


Panelling at the end of July. We put the white plywood panel up as a temporary backdrop for the shinza but then decided we like it and built it in.

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