Kita Kaze means North Wind, reflecting our location in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Our karate raining is based on the three pillars of Shotokan karate; basics (kihon), forms (kata) and sparring (kumite).
In addition to the core of Shotokan, meditation and self-defence are a regular part of practice. The club does not practice full-contact sparring and breaking is reserved for dan grades.
The Club is under the direction of fifth degree black belt Rob Ingram.
The club has six black belt instructors and offers two, six-week beginners’ courses each year in September and January.
We have been in operation for fifteen years, teaching both children and adults.
Kita Kaze is part of ShotoCanada. Like all ShotoCanada clubs, Kita Kaze follows the grading syllabus set down by the association’s technical committee.
Kita Kaze regularly attends tournaments in southern Canada. We also attend national camps and seminars in addition to having visiting instructors.
An ongoing project of the club has been the construction of the Kazekan (wind house) dojo on the rural property of instructor Rob Ingram and his wife, Helene Dobrowolsky.




Rob Ingram

Chief Instructor Rob Ingram
Photo by Ken Quong